Rotorcraft Aeromechanics and Control Lab

Future rotorcraft expects large improvements on range, speed, capacity, performance, safety, handling qualities, and environmental greenness. To achieve such goals, next generation rotorcraft adopt innovative design such as tiltrotor and coaxial rotors, utilize the-state-of-the art composite materials, and integrate fly-by-wire flight control system. These advanced platforms present more complex aeromechanical characteristics, which demand new analysis and simulation techniques to model and ingenious control system to manage. Rotorcraft Aeromechanics and Control (RAC) lab at UA conduct research on rotorcraft aeromechanics and flight simulation and control for next generation rotorcraft, and also in related fields of wind turbine, turbine machinery, and helicopter transmissions.

RAC facility includes a flight simulator built with a full-scale helicopter, wing and blade structure dynamics test system, and Linux workstations and clusters running multibody dynamics based comprehensive rotorcraft analyses. RAC group currently comprises two Ph.D. students, five MS students, and undergraduate students.



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